Jenny Helbraun Abramson

(b. 1954, Upstate New York)

Jenny Abramson is a Northern California based mixed media artist and photographer whose work centers on encounters with the divine and personal transformation. She constructs dreamlike, emotive images from both found and captured photography, manipulating multiple exposures and a range of materials to reveal the inner lives of her subjects. Her work is informed by her own emotional process, gratitude for her natural surroundings, and an eye for detail amidst the broad strokes of human experience.

Jenny studied photographic printmaking at SUNY Purchase, the Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester NY), and San Francisco State University. While pursuing her fine art work, Jenny also broke ground as a woman in the construction trades, building exhibition sets at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. She brought this technical passion to photographic images of the construction trades, recording them in silkscreen prints created at San Francisco‘s Mission Cultural Center and the Women's Studio Workshop in New Paltz, NY.

After leaving the construction trades, Jenny began what became a 20 year career as a writer and community organizer leading efforts to end homelessness. Through a personal loss, she returned to her visual artist roots, opening a new chapter focused on fine art photography.

Jenny lives in rural West Sonoma County, California, where she and her departed husband built the home of their dreams, and where she is shepherding a teenaged daughter into adulthood. Her fine artwork is sold in limited editions and can be purchased directly from the artist.

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